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Our fuel saver is made in the USA
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Frequently asked questions

How is the Fuel OptiMiser installed?
The Fuel OptiMiser fuel saver installs in minutes without tools. A small pamphlet describing the simple installation procedure is included with the product. The procedure is as follows.
1. Locate an area on the incoming fuel line closest to the carburator or fuel injectors.
2. Place the two halves of the Fuel OptiMiser over the fuel line and fit the plastic fastener around the halves in the groove.
3. Tighten the plastic fastener.
If properly assembled, the Fuel OptiMiser will not slide along the fuel line. If it does, place one or both of the rubber adapters over the fuel line before attaching the two halves of the Fuel Optimiser. The halves do not need to touch so long as both halves are parallel and the Fuel OptiMiser is snug on the fuel line. Once in place, the Fuel OptiMiser will do its job for the life of your vehicle.
The results occur as the fuel passes through the Fuel OpiMiser's powerful magnetic field making it more combustible. No permanent changes are made to your car and your warranty is not affected.
What is the difference between the Fuel OptiMiser and the Fuel OptiMiser XP?
The Fuel OptiMiser fuel saver employs ceramic-8 magnets to produce an 8,000 gaus magnetic field, while the Fuel OptiMiser XP utilizes super strength neodynium magnets and produces a 22,000 gaus field.
The Fuel OptiMiser was proven by independent testing to increase gas mileage up to 24% while decreasing harmful emissions. The XP has not yet undergone independent testing.

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